My name is Kimura Tomoko, and I'm mother of two wonderful boys.
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Slipping away


She sighed in relief, though she was still worried about it. Someone had hurt him on purpose, were they going to leave her boyfriend alone now? Or it was just the beginning? She shook her head to leave those thoughts behind and looked at Tomoko. “I’m glad to hear that… And you don’t have to thank me, Kimura-san…” She then mumbled shyly. Of course she would take care of him: she loved him, she’d do anything for him. He had suffered enough since childhood… she immediatly felt guilty again for making him suffer at some points of their relationship, and then shrugged, looking down. She wished she could make it stop somehow.. He deserved to be happy, more than anyone else.

“Oh.. it’s okay…” She said when the woman told her she should go home soon. “My parents will understand…” They had let her go to the Digital World when she was 8 and she was ill, why would they say anything now? Also they knew Kouichi and how much she cared about him. “I’d like to talk with him when he wakes up..” She mumbled next, actually wanting to ask him what had happened. She wasn’t sure if he was going to tell the truth to his mother, he never wanted to worry her, but she really wanted to know.

A while later, a doctor came into the waiting room and approached Tomoko. He told her that her son had woken up some moments ago and that he was better, though he was still feeling dizzy and weak for the blood loss. He also told her that he asked Kouichi what happened, but that he didn’t say anything. The doctor finally asked the woman if he wanted to go and talk with her son. Hikari just listened in silence and then waited for her turn to see him.

"Let’s hope that he wakes up soon…" She sighed. Even if the doctors had told her that he was going to be okay, she just wanted him to wake up so she could make sure of it herself.

Also.. she would like to know who had done such a thing to her son.

She was absorbed in her thoughts that she almost failed to notice the doctor telling her that Kouichi had woken up. She immediately stood up and went to his room.

She found him in the bed, looking at the ceiling as if making sense of what he was doing in the hospital.


She approached him and took his hand. She looked at him with a smile, trying not to look at the now closed wound on his neck.

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There's a piece of paper left for her. It's slightly crumpled and dirty-looking, and when opened there's splotches of blood and black. There's a message written for her in blood: "You'Re NeXt"

She read the message, trembling. It was surely from the same person that had harmed her son. Who was it? Why did they want to hurt them.

She sat down and sighed, worried.

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Slipping away


She stayed in silence, lost in her thoughts, until she heard someone calling her. She looked at her and quickly dried her tears away. “I-I’m sorry, Kimura-san, I was just… thinking… How is Kouichi…?” she then asked the woman, trying to stay calm. She knew that he was out of danger, but she was still really worried about what happened. “What did the doctors say…?” She sighed and shrugged, feeling that she could have done something to prevent this but she hadn’t.

She suddenly looked at her phone to check out the hour and realized someone was calling her, It was her brother asking her where she was and why she hadn’t answered her previous calls. She apologized telling him that she hadn’t noticed he was calling her because her phone was in silent mode, and she gave him a quick explanation of what had happened. He told her he’d call her again later and she then went back with Tomoko. “I’m sorry, it was my brother asking me what happened…”

Tomoko smiled slightly at the girl. She was obviously worried as well. “He’s okay now.. he’ll just need some time to recover from the blood loss.. but he’ll be fine soon..” She answered, not really knowing if she was saying that to convince Hikari or herself. She put a hand over her shoulder and looked at her. “I have to thank you for taking care of him, Yagami-chan..”

She looked at the girl while she was talking on the phone with someone who had just called her, and she was telling whoever it was about what had happened with Kouichi. Then she explained that it was her brother. 

"Don’t worry, he’s probably worried about you… maybe you should go home soon"

She knew what the girl would probably say. She wasn’t blind to how much the teenagers cared for each other, even if she didn’t have the chance to see them often. She sighed. She hoped that their life would be better than hers -and her ex-husband’s- but after knowing just how much was going on in their lives…

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Slipping away


After waiting for a what it seemed hours to her, but only had been more than half an hour, Hikari met her boyfriend’s mother. “Kimura-san…” She approached the older woman and slightly bowed her head. “Kouichi is fine…” She then said calmly, though she had been crying while she was waiting, but she didn’t want to worry her more than she already was. Hikari could tell Tomoko was trying not to cry. “He’s over here…” She led her to where he was and left her alone so she could talk with the doctors.

She still didn’t know what had happened, but she was thinking and thinking about it. As the boy who found him said, it hadn’t been some thief because he still had all his stuff. It had been someone that wanted to hurt him, but who would that person be? She first thought in the spider-lady, but discarded that idea quickly because that wasn’t the way she worked. Who else could had been? As far as she knew, Kouichi didn’t have any enemies. She sighed in frustration as some tears fell down again.

He looked at the girl that had approached her and smiled a little, though there was still the threat of tears falling down. “Yagami-chan…” She took a deep breath. “Thank you, Yagami-chan..” Tomoko approached the doctor and introduced herself as Kouichi’s mother.

The doctors told her that the cut wasn’t really deep. However, he had been bleeding for quite some time, and that they had to make a little test to determine Kouichi’s blood type so he could receive a transfusion. So, at the end, he was safe, though it would take a while for him to fully recover from the blood loss.

Tomoko thanked them and approached her son, who was either sleeping or unconscious… she couldn’t tell. She whispered some words of encouragement and then left him so he could continue resting.

The woman walked towards her son’s girlfriend, who seemed to be deep in thought.


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Slipping away


Hikari thanked the boy once again an then went with Kouichi in the ambulance. She was really worried about him, though the paramedics told her it wasn’t a deep cut and that he was out of danger. She didn’t notice the short period of time when he was awake, because she was answering the questions they were asking her. She started to get more nervous because she didn’t know some of them, like his type of blood, or if he was alergic to some type of medicine. They just had never talked about it! The first thing she thought was making a quick phone call to his boyfriend’s brother, Kouji, but she hadn’t talked with him since last year and she really didn’t know where he was -also their last conversation hadn’t been nice at all-. The next person she thought was Kouichi’s mother, Tomoko, but she didn’t want to worry her.

However, when the paramedics knew she was not related to him -just his girlfriend- they told her to contact one of his family members, and that they would be cleaning the cut he had on his neck. She nodded and the next thing she did was looking for Tomoko’s number in Kouichi’s phone.

After taking a deep breath, she called her. “Kimura-san…? Hello, Yagami Hikari speaking…” She spoke gently, trying to not scare the woman. “I’m sorry for calling this late, but I have something to tell you…” she proceeded to tell her what she knew about it and then asked her to meet her at the hospital.

The woman was slightly surprised by the ringing of her cell phone, and answered it. It was Hikari.


She hadn’t been expecting what came next. Kouichi was going to the hospital…again. She remembered the last time he was taken there… when he almost died from a concussion. She thanked the girl for calling her and quickly ran towards the hospital. 

Tomoko took a train and soon she was there. It was likely that the ambulance that took Kouichi there had already arrived, and she went into the reception, asking for her son, trying not to let the tears fall down from her eyes.

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kimura-tomoko started following you…



The woman immediately knew that the boy in front of her was not her son. But in the back of her mind she felt that she had heard his name before.


“What!?” He was kneeling on the ground, dried blood and black tears on his face. He didn’t have the energy to slide into Duskmon’s form, and instead an aura of anger wafted off him like shadows.

He just wanted her to leave him alone. Being in her presence was more painful than anything at that moment. Not only did his counterpart have his brother, but his mother, too. The envy should have made him stronger… but it didn’t. He was just…. hurt.

“What do you want from me? Just take it and leave!”

Tomoko was scared. He looked like his son, but the way he was talking, the feelings he was showing… that was nothing like the Kouichi she knew.

"I… I just…"

She was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. She took it out with trembling hands. It was her son’s girlfriend.

"Y-yagami-chan…" She listened to the girl, telling her that Kouichi was going to the hospital.

Her mind went back to a few years ago, when Kouichi had gone to the hospital. She had been terribly afraid of losing him due to a concussion, and now he was going because someone had attacked him.

She thanked her or the call and told her that she would be there soon, and then hanged up, never taking her eyes away from her son’s Doppelgänger.

"K-Kouichi… he’s… I got to go…"

She ran away, going towards the hospital.

kimura-tomoko started following you…


his eyes narrowed into a deadly gaze—

“what are YOU DOING HERE? Go. AWAY!”

The woman immediately knew that the boy in front of her was not her son. But in the back of her mind she felt that she had heard his name before.


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Maybe you'd like to know what your dear son did, okay, I'll tell you... he kidnaped all his female friends, and he almost killed his own brother's girlfriend, if you don't believe me... *shows her some pictures of Kouji doing it* Here is the evidence...

*looks at the pictures* No…Kouji wouldn’t be able…there’s no way this pictures can be real…*tears forming in her eyes*

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Good afternoon, Tomoko Kimura, right? I'll introduce myself, my name is Arsene, I don't think you've heard of me... But I just came to say that your son, Kouji Minamoto, has been a bad boy, and that's why... you will pay for him... *Laughs mischievously*

Kouji…? What..what did he do..? Where is he?!

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